Knorr’s range includes soups, bouillon cubes and stock pots, meal makers, sauces, seasonings and snacks that are designed to bring flavour to dishes using short cuts that people feel good about.


Since its launch in England in 1895, Lifebuoy has evolved to become the world’s best-selling, trusted germ-protection soap. Lifebuoy aims to bring better hygiene to communities all over the world. The brand actively promotes hygiene awareness by supporting Global Handwashing Day, and through their ‘Help A Child Reach 5’ and ‘School of Five’ campaigns. Lifebuoy has reached over 337 million people globally with its life-saving message about the importance of proper handwashing.


OMO was first registered in the United Kingdom in 1908 and launched in Kenya in 1953 making it the oldest laundry powder brand in the country. The acronym OMO which is a household name stands for “Old Mother Owl”.


Royco is a food additive that has been in the market for almost three decades and has been a true partner in the kitchen – transforming ordinary meals into finger licking ones.


At any age, at any time, no matter what your skin need, the Vaseline skin care team wants everybody to be able to enjoy great, healthy skin every day.


Did you know that Sunlight was the world’s first packaged, branded laundry soap, originally produced by the Lever Brothers in 1884?